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  Designing with me is personal, professional, and confidential.

I can build your project in 3-D on the computer so you can see it before it is built.  This helps prevent re-build costs, and can help get a better looking end product.

  Anything that I design is strictly confidential unless you tell me otherwise.  I have contacts in the patent industry, and marketing as well if you are looking to invent the next best thing or improve on the last best thing.



  We can weld Cast, Aluminum, Stainless, and Mild Steel. Each has its own properties, and tendencies, I take these into consideration before every weld. Attention to detail and pride in our work is what sets us apart for the competition.


  Machining the old way. We enlist the help of 4 metal lathes, 3 vertical mills, and 1 horizontal milling machine to help with all of the machining in our shop.

  All manual machines ensure precision, quality, and affordability. 



     Turning:  up to 24” in diameter

     Threading - Milling - Tapping

     Facing - Slots - Keyways




  Usually the final part of a project(before paint or powder coat), Fabrication time can greatly influence quality, timeliness and cost of any project. My years of experience will ensure that your project will be done in a timely manner, and be right the first time.

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